If you need technical support for anything, such as how to add an image to your website, please visit the support section .

An example of a custom domain is While it is most professional to use a custom domain, you do not have to. If you choose not to, your domain would be something like You get to choose your own Page Penguin domain when you set up your site.
We recommend you get unlimited Web/POP/IMAP email through Google Apps for your domain. They really know email like no one else with an excellent spam filter, and unprecedented search-ability.
As per our Terms of Service, sites cannot exist for file sharing but otherwise you can upload as much data as you like as long as it is being used for legitimate purposes on your site.
Log into your account and click on "account". There, among other things, you can cancel your account with two quick clicks. Canceling Page Penguin is instantaneous.
No. All Page Penguin plans include hosting services all for one low price.
Page Penguin uses industry leader Google Analytics to track all traffic on your site.