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Tablet and Phone Friendly

Your site will look good on any mobile device including tablets and phones. It also has added features like one-click calling and one-click directions.

Search Engine Optimization

All Page Penguin sites come optimized for search engines with clean descriptive links, XML sitemaps, free SSL and webfonts making the content of your site super search engine friendly.

Online Appointment Requests

Let your patients request their appointments through your website. You can customize requests to include whatever information you want.

Use your own Web Address

Your site can be attached to your own web address. We have tutorials or you can give us a call and we'll do it for you.

Making changes is a snap

Gone are the days of needing to talk to a programmer. If you can use a word processor, you can use Page Penguin.

Unlimited Pages

Your site knows no bounds. Add as many pages are you need with a few clicks.

Easy Telehealth Integration

Your site connects easily to just about any Telehealth platform. Questions about yours? Contact us →

Let patients E-sign documents

Easily connect your site to your online document signing platform. Curious if we connect to yours? Contact us →

Accept Online Payments

Your site can connect to any online payment platform but we have partnered with Paypal for easiest integration (fees apply). Curious if we connect to your online payment platform? Contact us →

Hosting Included

No host needed. Page Penguin sites are hosted in the cloud by the best in the business.

Secure Websites / Free SSL certificates

SSL (secure socket layer) comes baked in to all Page Penguin websites for free. This not only secures your site but it also meets Google best practices for SEO.

Change your design anytime for free

It's blue to day and green tomorrow. Your site has endless design possibilities at your fingertips. All free.

Google Analytic Integration

All Page Penguin sites can use Google Analytics to give you the complete stats on your site. Learn more →

Unlimited Support

We are here to help! We have an extensive video tutorial library and you can always contact us. Learn more →

Free for 14 days

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