October 30th, 2013

How to Set Up Social Media for Professional Purposes


Ready for your social media land grab? Excellent. Here is a very quick guide on how to set up your main professional social media profiles.

Before we begin, 2 important notes:

1. As mentioned in a previous blog post, these social media channels are for your professional presence. Which should be oh so separate from your personal one.

2. Be consistent across social media platforms. Use the same photos. Use the same name. Use the same writing style. This helps patients to immediately recognize you and help Google rank you higher in searches.


So here we go. MORE

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October 16th, 2013

How to Send Users to Your Practice Website from your Personal Domain

A common scenario: You have a website for your practice, but you’ve been told by Search Engine Experts that a domain of the doctor’s name (eg. SidSmithMD.com) will help you come up first on Google. So what to do?

Enter redirects. What are redirects? Redirects let you forward one domain to a different domain. Eg. the user enters SidSmithMD.com, but it forwards to his practice website. And if you do it right, it is also good for your Google results.



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