The Top 3 Lines of Defense For Protecting Your Reputation Online


#1 Having Your Own Website

Online websites rating patient satisfaction have grown in prevalence and in popularity in the technological age (zocdoc, vitals, healthgrades, ratemds, drscore, etc.). The increased visibility of these detailed reviews for potential patients browsing the web has great relevance to your reputation and that of your practice and therefore demands engagement. In order to best control the online conversation regarding your practice, the number one defense for protecting your online reputation is having a website. A website with a clean aesthetic design and user-friendly interface best facilitates your voice in the online community and allows potential patients a point of reference besides solely the above mentioned patient satisfaction rating websites.

When addressing reviews from online rating websites, possible constructive responses your practice may benefit from include:

  • Preemptively soliciting structured patient feedback in the form of private surveys
  • Looking to improve your practice’s functionality by incorporating the informative portions of patients’ observations on your website.


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